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OUR COFFEE BLENDS Mocha Java Mocha Java is the world’s oldest coffee blend, mixed using the oldest commercially available coffees at the time- Java and Yemen. Now, Mocha Java refers to a blend of an Indonesian coffee and a dry-processed Yemen or Ethiopian coffee. Our current Mocha Java Blend combines the clean, rich body of Sulawesi Toraja, with an Ethiopian Harrar Longberry, which adds its typical moka flavored flowery acidity. Bungalow Blend A blend of organic Central American coffees roasted to a light-medium roast. A good morning coffee, this blend has a little more caffeine than the darker blends, but not as much as a cup of Colombian, which some can find overpowering. Bungalow Blend is well-rounded, with nutty, chocolatey notes, a bright acidity, and a smooth finish. Ohio City Blend A special blend of African, Central, and South American coffees. A bit of Tanzanian Peaberry adds black tea and sharp citric notes to the nutty and bittersweet chocolate of the Central and South American coffees. City Blend - A well-rounded blend. Complex, yet balanced. - Cup Characteristics: black tea notes, chocolate notes, a hint of earthy sweetness and savory spices, balanced, complex Firehouse Blend Our French Roast blend adds some bold sharpness to the unique qualities of an African peaberry - Cup Characteristics: black tea notes, chocolate notes, blackberry notes, lemony acidity, sharp, bittersweet notes, complex French Roast Blend A well balanced, very dark roast - Cup Characteristics: bold, sharp, bittersweet chocolate notes, low acidity Gothic Blend A full bodied, dark blend of French Roast and Indonesian coffees - Cup Characteristics: floral, earthy, woody notes, bittersweet dark chocolate notes, bold, complex Market Blend A blend of South and Central American coffees roasted to a medium dark or 'City Roast'. The full bodied South American and the brightness of Centrals balance the cup for an easy drinking coffee. - Cup Characteristics: Light sweet, slight fruit notes, light nutty notes. Well- rounded, good overall acidity, light to medium bodied. NorthWest Blend Indonesian & Central American coffees, roasted 'Full City', full bodied like Indonesians yet well balanced with the bright notes of the Central Americans - Cup Characteristics: lemon and savory spices, earthy sweetness, chocolate notes, with a complex sparkling acidity South Side Blend An Indonesian coffee adds a spicy, chocolate finish to a sweet, medium bodied Central American. - Cup Characteristics: sweet, a hint of dark chocolate, earthy, balanced and smooth

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