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WHOLESALE INFOMATION City Roast Coffee is available to cafes, restaurants and other business... We provide excellent personalized service to each and every one of our accounts. We are delighted to work with some of Cleveland finest chefs that have decided to present our coffee as a great start and finish to their meals If you are passionate about your coffee as you are about your food, call us. We would love to talk about how we might work together. First the bad news.... We are sorry but we DO NOT provide equipment, The cost of producing top quality coffees in a small batch style is very high and does not allow us to also provide equipment as a inducement to buy our products. Be wary of those who are happy to give you free equipment, it comes at a cost. To insure freshness and best service, we only provide our coffees to businesses within a 15 mile radius of Downtown Cleveland. We can ship, but it adds significantly to the price per pound, so we would rather not. 
If you can arrange pick up, that is an option we are happy to consider. Now the good news.... We have very low minimum orders. We truly believe freshness matters. We would honestly prefer to see you every week with the freshest coffee roasted only on your order. We understand the needs of quality cafes and restaurants vary and tailor our delivery to your needs. Although you will no doubt be able to find a cheaper coffee provider, we honestly feel you will never find a better one. If you have a qualifying business and would like samples please contact us. We will be happy to provide samples for your tasting at your convenience and even produce a custom blend to your tastes and needs

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